Stratton built homes

The Stratton

No other home builder in Muskoka is as dedicated to preserving our world and bringing your home to life.

our mission

To build A home like no other. giving attention and purpose to every corner, from the outside in.

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stratton advantage


Every detail has a purpose, every detail made for you.



Our homes are built to last and endure the test of generations.



Too many homes are built without thought for our planet. Stratton homes are constantly pushing towards a sustainable future.



Our homes believe in a long and welcoming future where we begin to embrace and protect.

Curated Lighting Package

Each Stratton home offers a custom lighting package curated by our designers. All unique to your space.

6' Soaker Tub

Indulge in relaxation with a 6-foot soaker tub, providing ample space for a luxurious experience, perfect for unwinding.

Heated Porcelain Tile Floors

Heated porcelain tile floors offer luxurious warmth and durability, transforming spaces into cozy retreats while enhancing functionality and efficiency.

Custom Floating Vanity

Sleek custom floating vanities offer modern aesthetics and functional design, perfect for optimizing bathroom space with style and efficiency.

Frosted Glass Water Closet

Blend privacy and design with a frosted glass water closet, seamlessly bringing functionality with contemporary style.

Triple Glaze - Lift & Slide Patio Door Option

Our large patio doors offer superior insulation and efficiency while welcoming the outside in.

Topless Glass Railings

Unleash the beauty of your surroundings with topless glass railings, offering unobstructed views and contemporary elegance for indoor and outdoor living.

Wide Plank Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Embrace timeless charm with wide plank oak flooring, infusing spaces with natural warmth creating a welcoming ambiance with enduring style.

Premium 2x8 Cedar Decking

Combining natural beauty, comfort, durability, and timeless appeal. Our cedar decks will invite you to enjoy your outdoor space.

Building For The Land In An Effort To Preserve Nature


Crafting homes harmoniously with nature embodies sustainable development, ensuring minimal environmental impact while celebrating the natural beauty of Muskoka.

Custom Millwork

Where meticulous craftsmanship meets personalized design, elevating interiors with unique character and enduring quality.

Canadian Made Riobel Plumbing Fixtures

Enhance your home with Canadian-made Riobel plumbing fixtures, delivering quality craftsmanship and elegant design, infusing your space with lasting refinement.

Layered Lighting

Combining fixtures, recessed lighting, and under-cabinet lights to create depth and ambiance, crafting a versatile and visually dynamic environment.

Silestone Countertops & Backsplash

Elevate your kitchen with Silestone countertops and backsplash, bringing durability with high-end design, creating a kitchen ready for anything.

Built In & Panel Ready Appliance Option

Seamlessly integrate appliances with built-in and panel-ready options, harmonizing functionality and aesthetics for a sleek, customized kitchen experience.

Fireplace Style Unique To Each Model

Fireplace styles unique to each model, adding bespoke charm and warmth to your space, ensuring every home reflects distinctive character and cozy ambiance.

Large Triple Glazed Windows

Infusing rooms with abundant natural light while enhancing insulation, creating a serene and energy-efficient living environment.

High Ceilings

Bask in spacious elegance with standard 9 foot to custom height ceilings, welcoming openness and space, creating a luxurious and bright atmosphere.

Custom Furniture Package Options

Elevate your space with a custom furniture package option, tailored to your style, bringing exceptional comfort and cohesion.

Open Concept Living Space

Open concept living blends spaces seamlessly, fostering connectivity and fluidity, maximizing natural light and enhancing social interaction for a modern, inviting ambiance.