Stratton built homes
The problem

Housing has become unreachable for so many people and there isn’t enough being done about it.

our ambition

To build homes that are affordable, sustainable and desirable.

Building a desirable home is easy, and we do that well. Building a system that allows homes to be desirable and affordable, while considering the health of our planet, is the mountain we are here to climb. Together.

The Future Needs Purpose.

And People To Make It Better.

our plan

Simple MURB's (Multi Unit Residential Building) with desirable design.


Consistent processes and systems to keep costs attainable.


Sustainable methods wherever possible, to help people and the planet.


Scalable production to deliver affordable homes to those who need it.

HOW WE IMAGINE OUR multi-unit residential buildings
kyle newman - co-founder & ceo

As the CEO of Stratton Homes, our vision is to pioneer a transformative shift in attainable housing. By building multi-residential modular homes to CHBA Net Zero Ready standards, we're not just addressing the housing and climate crises; we're setting a new standard for sustainable living. Our proven, scalable approach, rooted in community collaboration, doesn't just provide homes; it sparks economic growth and leaves a lasting positive legacy. Join us in revolutionizing the future of housing, where innovation meets impact, and let's build a sustainable tomorrow together.



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