Stratton built homes

Homes Built Better
For Everyone

Homes Built Better
For Everyone

Our world is breathtaking. Our homes are designed and built to preserve its beauty while prioritizing durability and livability.

The Stratton Difference

A Stratton home is like no other, giving attention and purpose to every corner from the outside in.

Building A Home Doesn't Need To Be Overwhelming And Exhausting


We create homes that use less energy and consume fewer resources than most homes, saving you monthly expenses and contributing to a sustainable future.

Built For

Too many homes are built without thought for our planet. Stratton homes are constantly pushing towards a sustainable future.

Unrivalled Build
And Design

Our homes are unlike any other. We pay attention to every detail and design to suit your lifestyle.

A Stratton Home

Is Within Reach

Step 1

Book A Call

Call our team to share your aspirations so we can bring your home to life.

Step 2

Design And Build

We design your home and build the only way we know how. The Stratton way.

Step 3

Step Into Your Home

Step into a place you are proud to share and call your home.

Premium Homes

Our pre-sale homes offer the
custom experience with seamless pre-designed packages.

Custom Homes

Stratton custom built homes bring the trusted quality with unrivalled custom designs.

Homes Built
For The Future

We believe the future needs to deliver affordable and sustainable homes with a creative solution.

the stratton way

We’ve simplified the home building process so your experience is as effortless as possible.