Stratton built homes
Stratton built homes


Stratton’s desire to keep our world healthy runs deep with a history of connection to our area.

Algonquin Provincial Park
the problem

Most homes aren’t built for sustaining our planet. The intention to create a difference is overlooked.

Our Homes Make A Difference.


A typical home built to conventional standards produces an estimated 390% more greenhouse gas emissions than a Stratton built Net Zero and Net Zero Ready home. (CO2e)(tonnes/year).


A Stratton built Net Zero Home produces as much energy as it consumes and is up to 80% more energy efficient than a home built to conventional standards.


Estimated cost savings on heating and cooling when compared to a typical home heated with natural gas only.

Energy Efficient Materials

At every opportunity, we use materials that make a difference in our planet's consumption.

Long Lasting Quality

We use long-lasting, high-quality products. Longevity matters to us.

Sustainable Materials

We prioritize sourcing sustainable and recyclable materials wherever possible. Sustainability is woven into your home.

We are always looking for opportunities to further our homes to help our world.

why sustainability?

we are responsible for the generations to come.

Be Stewards

Caring for our planet begins with each person.

Be Responsible

Take action to sustain our world, starting in your own backyard.

Be Generational

The future needs people who look beyond their time to protect our future.