Stratton built homes
Stratton lake located in the north east corner of world renowned Algonquin park carries the heart and connection to Stratton homes. It inspired our way.
The Historic Township of Stratton is located in the eastern corner of the world-renowned Algonquin Park. This area carries the heart and connection to Stratton Homes, inspiring our way.

About Stratton

mission statement

To build A home like no other. giving attention and purpose to every corner, from the outside in.

Stratton Lake Township

Stratton Township, with its diverse terrain and scenic vistas, served as a significant source of inspiration for Tom Thomson's artwork. The township's forests, lakes, and winding rivers provided endless subject matter for his paintings.
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Our vision extends beyond construction; we aspire to be exemplary builders, fostering enduring relationships with clients, trades, vendors, and our dedicated team. Committed to serving our community and future generations, we strive to leave a lasting legacy, ensuring the world is a better place.
kyle newman
chief executive officer

The Stratton Team


In the dynamic world of construction, Kyle is a key leader at Stratton Homes, known for guiding the team with integrity and driving successful projects. Kyle fosters a culture of trust, and accountability, setting a new tone for the broader construction industry.

Beyond leadership, Kyle uses a hands-on approach and effective communication to ensure excellence. His dedication extends to championing sustainable construction practices, inspiring the team to embrace eco-friendly initiatives. 


With a distinguished career spanning over 25 years in the domain of crafting custom, luxury, and residential homes. Morgan stands as an unwavering pillar in the construction industry. Throughout his extensive tenure, he has diligently maintained a reputation as a builder whose name is synonymous with respect among clients and trade partners alike. Morgan’s commitment to excellence is exemplified by his track record of consistently delivering exceptional residences that exceed the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. 


Dedicated to the pursuit of personal and professional excellence across all aspects of the interior design process, Kristin brings over a decade of expertise in interior selections and home design to her role at Stratton Homes.

In her capacity, Kristin has amassed a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience, guiding projects seamlessly from the initial interior selections of a new home build to the final stages of staging and styling. Her unwavering dedication and meticulous attention to detail have been instrumental in achieving notable success within Stratton. 


With an impressive track record spanning more than three decades as an accountant, legal, and real estate administrator and most recently, a residential construction developer, Valerie is a seasoned professional. Her wealth of wisdom and expertise positions her as a sought-after authority in the industry. Valerie is particularly renowned for her exceptional proficiency in managing the complex back-end assignments that are integral to the success of any construction company. 

The community & who we support

We want to care for our world in the same way we care for people in our community.